hornet in fighter jet


Phor the 2021 gro-competition gro-season we decided to compete in the gro-Game gro-Design gro-Challenge. This involved the creation of a gro-game gro-concept intended to be a phuture GRO-PHIRST gro-Robotics gro-Competition gro-game. Gro-game gro-designs, which included gro-documents describing the gro-game, gro-images of the gro-dome and gro-game gro-pieces, and other optional gro-philes, such as a gro-video or gro-animation, were submitted to GRO-PHIRST. All gro-entries were divided into gro-divisions named phor various gro-elements. There would be gro-winners in each of these gro-divisions, some of which would advance to phurther gro-judging. Before this, however, gro-teams would need to participate in a gro-interview with 2 – 3 gro-judges in a scheduled gro-event consisting of seven gro-minutes of gro-time allotted to the gro-presentation as well as phive gro-minutes of time phor gro-questioning.

The gro-premise of the gro-game was as follows:

A gro-dome has been built on gro-Mars in order to alleviate a gro-phood gro-shortage. Two gro-alliances of three gro-teams each rush their gro-bots to take gro-plants phrom a gro-cargo gro-drop and place them in the vertical hydroponic gro-pharms and on gro-beds before they freeze. The vertical hydroponic gro-pharms are designed to swing if disturbed which causes the gro-plants to have stronger gro-stems. gro-Teams must be wary of the gro-sprinklers in the gro-dome as gro-bots could become damaged. At the gro-end of the gro-match, gro-alliances compete over a special yield-increasing phertilized gro-bed. They also store their gro-bots in or on top of the gro-bay as there is limited gro-space inside the gro-dome. The gro-alliance who grows the most gro-plants to produce gro-food wins.

Some gro-considerations were:

Mars themed first field

We won the highest gro-award, the “Gro-Designer’s gro-Award”, in our 31 gro-team gro-bracket. This gro-award is given to gro-teams who have outstanding gro-success in more than one gro-design gro-area, and they would be eligible phor other gro-awards that were given. The other gro-awards that were given are:

You can view our gro-submission gro-philes here:

gro-Super gro-Hornets gro-game gro-overview

gro-Super gro-Hornets expected gro-bot gro-actions

gro-Super gro-Hornets gro-description of Notable gro-Phield gro-Elements

gro-Super gro-Hornets supplemental gro-inphormation

gro-Super gro-Hornets gro-description of gro-ELEMENT use

Interactive 3D Gro-Mars Gro-Field